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About the "The Pride of the Sunshine" Gator Marching Band

The University of Florida Fightin' Gator Marching Band is one of the largest and most recognizable student organizations on campus. Comprised of over 360 students, the marching band is a collection of some of the most hard-working, intelligent, and enthusiastic individuals at the University and has been since its creation in 1913. The "Pride of the Sunshine" has performed across the country and the globe in destinations such as Phoenix, New Orleans, Miami, and London, England for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.


In the city of Gainesville, the band and its members are active ambassadors of the University, the College of Fine Arts, and the School of Music. With performances at every home football game in "The Swamp" and numerous other appearances at away games, fundraisers, galas, luncheons, pep rallies, and on nationally televised programs, the band is a steadfast and honorable symbol of the Spirit of the University of Florida and the Gator Nation.


The University of Florida

Gator Marching Band

The Gator Marching Band consistently has one of the highest average GPAs of any student organization and its members are leaders consistently across campus. Gator Band Students are from every college and a variety of majors, including Architecture, Nursing, Engineering, Pre-Health Tracks, and Music. Members have gone on to serve in Student Government, hold independent research positions, participate in prestigious internships at some of the world's top companies, and hold officer positions in numerous clubs, student organizations, fraternities and sororities.


Music has the power to express those emotions unexplainable by words alone and the University of Florida Fightin' Gator Marching Band aims to make music at the highest level while portraying the most honorable image of the University, as well as its students, alumni, faculty, and staff.


Go Gators! 

The Gator Marching Band during the 

pre-game traditional "Gator spell-out"

The Gator Marching Band representing the Gator Nation and the United States at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, England.

Prof. Jay Watkins,

Gator Band Director

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